About The Cornish Craft House

Out of the Box ‘Cornish Craft House’ is a community venue and studio space in Bodmin for local artists and groups offering craft workshops and art classes for the local community.

It is a community art & craft centre with a primary objective of encouraging, supporting and welcoming creative people, artists and crafts people of all ages, providing an environment for community engagement and collaboration. The venue is also ideal for training sessions, meetings and private parties.

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This bright and flexible space is on the Woods Browning Industrial Estate, Respryn Road, (off Lostwithel road), Bodmin.  The area is perfect, a quiet cul-du sac of units with great parking, no heavy traffic and easily accessible.


The Cornish Craft House is a venue that promotes the opportunity for cross generations and mixed abilities to work together, to create galleries, pop up exhibitions and be part of a wider creative community.  Artists and crafters can exhibit their work, hire the space to run workshops and classes or use it as a pop up art studio. Whilst the public can enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills, crafts and join the clubs that run from the centre.

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